Mary Anne Kelly Zak

Excellence in Education; Elected 2012

Mary Anne graduated from Saint Joseph College in Maryland in 1950 with a B. A. in English and French and a certificate in education. In September 1950 she began teaching English and French in Suffield’s jr.- sr. high school, now McAlister Intermediate School. In 1952 she married colleague Amiel Zak and in 1953 retired for 18 years to be at home with their 4 children. In 1971, Mary Anne received an M.A. in English Literature at Saint Joseph College, West Hartford. She returned to teaching that same year at Suffield High School, in the building that is now Suffield Middle School. She taught English language skills from basic through advanced levels in grades 9- 12. She served as adjunct professor at UConn while teaching Suffield High School’s advanced writing classes in cooperation with the university. Mary Anne was held in the highest esteem by not only her students but also her colleagues. She retired in 1991 but remained active in the community, lending her writing and speaking expertise to her church and the Suffield Observer, among other worthwhile organizations.