Kristine Goulding

Class of 2003; Elected 2016

Kristine graduated from Bates College in 2007 with a BA in political science and French. She then spent a year in Tunisia on a Fulbright scholarship doing research on the patterns of political participation and development of female candidates. In 2010 she received a MSc with distinction in Development Studies in Political Science from Lund U. in Sweden. While at Lund she designed a website to connect practitioners of development with theoretical and practical information on a variety of topics. Kristine interned at both the US Agency for International Development in D.C. and the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research in Tunisia leading awareness workshops on gender quotas and participating in projects designed to strengthen women’s leadership and participation in politics and decision making in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. As a research analyst at the UN Research Institute for Social Development in Geneva, Switzerland, Kristine worked on projects designed to monitor, evaluate, and promote gender equity and political transformation in the Middle East. She has authored numerous scholarly articles on gender quotas, women’s political rights, and the role of women in post Arab Spring electoral politics. She is currently working for the World Health Organization to foster cooperation between countries and build or strengthen accountability structures in WHO’s 150 country offices to prevent the loss of life during disease outbreaks.