Grants History



2017-2018 Grand Awards

For the 2017-2018 school year, we awarded $9,500 in grants, including:

    • Spaulding – Innovation Space Enhancements, Flexible Seating
    • Middle School – Brain Based Learning Classroom, Fishing Club, STEM Robotics
    • McAlister – Coaching through Social Emotional Learning
    • SHS – Coffee Cart, STEM – Dash Robot & 3D Scanner

2016-2017 Grant Awards

In 2016-2017 we were able to award 3 Standard Grants and 7 Mini Grants, for a total of $36,282!

Traditional Grants

      • Gizmos Software
      • CO2 Laser Printer
      • Digital Pro Art Maker

Mini Grants

      • Project Runway
      • Writing Center Improvements
      • School Wide Art Gallery
      • Gym Mural
      • SHS Commons TVs
      • Junior SWAT
      • AP English Reading Workshop

2015 Grant Awards

In 2015 we were able to award 2 Standard Grants and 13 Mini Grants, totaling almost $25,200!

Standard Grants

McAlister Intermediate School

        • Hokki Stools
        • Bike Safety Education

Mini Grants

Spaulding Elementary School

      • Reading Nook
      • Reading Nook Mural
      • Friendship Club
      • Marker Space

McAlister Intermediate School

      • Pizza Garden Party
      • Marker Space
      • Stand UP Desk and Stools

Suffield Middle School

      • Wingman
      • Standing Desks
      • Yogibo Balls
      • Books

2014 Grant Awards

In 2014 we were able to grant funds totaling $29,832!

Mini Grants

McAlister Intermediate School

              • Denise Raymond will rent around 20 bicycles from Bike/Walk CT and purchase 5 bikes so all students can participate in
                Bicycle Safety as part of the physical education class. $2,656

Suffield Middle School

              • Phyllis Hameroff will fund a pilot program for the 6th grade, called Home/School Classroom Library Connection, which will
                continue the work done district wide in K-5 to develop classroom libraries to provide students with appropriate
                independent reading material that can cross between home and school that will encourage students to read for pleasure.

Suffield Middle School/Suffield High School

              • Rebecca Osleger is starting a group called Students Working to Advance Technology to promote student leadership, address
                technology competencies, provide outreach to the community through parent involvement, corporate support, and student
                community service. $2,035

Suffield High School

              • Stephanie Holland will purchase new lavaliere wireless microphones for productions at the SHS including fall
                shows, Unified Theater, musicals, and other events held in auditorium that require microphones. $12,416
              • Brittany Whiteley will purchase new equipment to more effectively offer a new new course, Fit for Life, which is designed
                for students who are interested in a more individualized PE program with a focus on with training, cardio, geo-caching,
                walking, tennis, etc. $7,000
              • Michael Sanchez will purchase up-to-date, powerful design software that will allow a myriad of output possibilities, from
                full scale physical models made from printed plans to full 3D renderings of student interior and architectural designs.


2012 Grant Awards


Our annual 2012 auction, the United Way, Memorial Giving, and a donation by the Suffield Knights of Columbus (targeted to special education), allowed us to grant funds in the amount of approximately $47,000.

Mini Grants

The following Mini Grants were awarded totaling approximately $4,000


              • Lauren Perleoni obtained Lunchtime Conversation Towers which are used to stimulate conversions at the lunch table./li>
              • Melissa Fortunato used her mini grant to fill her third grade classroom library with nonfiction books.

Suffield Middle School

              • Sandra Vavalle purchased a subscription to an educational website, BrainPOP which encompasses more than 650 curricular topics. It can be used to introduce a new lesson or topic, to illustrate complex subject matter and to review before a test.
              • David Schor used the funds for the 8th grade Project runaway, a team building exercise at the end of the school year for 8th graders who are not in band or chorus.
              • David Schor and Shannon Picard purchased a camera for the Newsletter and Photo Club and the students involved which receive photo instruction.
              • Mario Carrillo is creating an outdoor classroom at the Middle school to be used by all students and teachers. Students will care for what they are knowledgeable and passionate about. Students need to feel empowered to actively care for their schoolyard environment.

Suffield High School

              • A student Dan D’Ostuni received funds to offset set the cost of a museum trip while on a Lacrosse field trip.
              • Barb Kluas acquired Kindles for Special Education Reading Intervention program.
              • Sara Fischer is using Digital Recorders for aiding support and inventions for special education students.


The following Grants were awarded totaling approximately $42,000:

Suffield Middle School

              • This year’s Raise the Paddle grant was to fund the Student News Production at the Middle School. This project spearheaded by John Warrington will put hardware and software into the hands of students who with the guidance of teachers will plan daily announcements, new worthy stories, community interest stories, documentaries and public service announcements for production and presentation.
              • Jennifer Ploudre, Anne Kelly and a student Bradley Grimard undertook the Raised Beds project which reconditioned the former greenhouse area into raised beds. The Quest and Family Consumer Science class will be responsible for the growing, maintaining and harvesting produce. All classes will have unlimited access other garden. This is a cross curriculum project that will touch many aspects of science, mathematics, art and consumer science.

Suffield High School

              • Joe Grimard’s Water Investigation grant purchased a LaMotte SMART Water Analysis Laboratory. This tool will be used by all of the science classes including the agri-school. In addition calorimeter was be purchased. This will augment current activities and labs.
              • Christina DeAngelis’ grant, Recording and Remixing our History, is using 30 digital voice recorders and accompanying headsets so that her 9th and 10th grade students will have the ability to go out in the field and give and conduct interviews, specifically with people who have been personally affected the students’ own lives.
              • Joe Grimard and Jason Kaput created an Ecology and Outing Club and used the grant funds to purchase equipment for the various activities. The outing and ecology club is open to all students attending SHS. Members will partake in different outdoor adventures (caving, snowshoeing, camping, hiking, canoeing, etc.). They will also learn about the local ecology and wildlife of New England.


2011 Grant Awards

K – 12

              • The PTO Science Committee and a group of teachers throughout the district collaborated on a grant entitled “All Eyes on the Future”.  This $14,265 award resulted from the “raise the paddle” event at this year’s auction.  It includes the purchase of new integrated devices (microscopes and document cameras) that will be spread throughout the school system.  Their use enables the greatly enhanced display of objects and other materials for classroom and laboratory viewing.

Spaulding Elementary School

              • Laura Waddell will be receiving $4,500 for a project called “The Whole World in our Hands.” This effort will create a set of “globe bags” that will communicate past and present aspects of various international cultures. It is a great way for younger students to become immersed in the global community using hands-on and accessible means.
              • The K-8 science coordinator, Melissa Hickey, and others will receive $9,225 for educational enhancements to a nature trail that is being built by an Eagle Scout behind the School. The grant targets curriculum connections, educational materials, and educational signage. It will benefit both the students of Spaulding and the community at large.

McAlister Intermediate School

              • Elaine Dolnack and Melissa Hickey were provided with $2,600 to educate students to be “Energy Efficiency Experts.” This project consists of various devices and curricula enhancements whose goal is to create young experts in energy conservation and efficiency.
              • Barbara Dowd and Patricia Thivierge (Grade 4, $3,815) and Kelly Meyer (Grade 5, $2,725) were awarded funding for document cameras. This technology is innovative (and accessible to non-technically sophisticated instructors) and allows for enhanced viewing of all types of presentation materials and enhances student participation.

Suffield High School

              • Steven Wheeler, James M. Noonan, Peter Black, and James Ostrout will receive $2,070 for a project entitled “Men in Life’s Discoveries”. This grant provides seed money for an after school program targeted to at-risk students. It is a collaborative effort between the High School and local agencies that includes enrichment, recreation, community service, and social support.
              • Joseph DiNatale will be awarded $1,350 for architecture-related software that will enhance the Suffield High School architecture curriculum by allowing students to work on real world projects.
              • And, $2,500 was awarded to the Rotary Club towards construction of the new sports pavilion. This award is intended to foster out of classroom learning opportunities for high school students to learn how to organize, lead, support, and be accountable for achieving team goals.


2010 Grant Awards

Spaulding Elementary School

              • Enhanced Inclusion for Special Needs Students – multi-sensory and cooperative learning tools
              • Classroom Library Connection -books with promotion of home-school reading
              • Fitness Frog’s Take Home Bags -special take-home backpacks with fitness devices

McAlister Intermediate School

              • From Me to the Sea -biology experiments in ponds & Long Island Sound
              • Family Outreach -in-depth program to enhance parent-child relationships
              • Visual Arts for Educational Improvement -training to create an art therapy program
              • Colonial Life in America -an innovative and integrated social study unit
              • Podcasting -technology to post news, music, poetry, and other events on the SPS website
              • Document Cameras -new technology for Grade 5 to enhance classroom innovation
              • Connecticut Historical Society 4th Grade Partnership -training to generate innovative curriculum change.

Suffield Middle School

              • Entrepreneurship: Business Operation -exploration of potential for a business run by special needs students
              • Student News Production -training to prepare for a comprehensive effort to create a news operation capability

Suffield High School

              • Readers Helping Readers – creation of audio recordings by students for younger students with reading difficulties
              • Electricity Efficiency & Conservation – energy usage monitors, light sensors, and data loggers

Grades K-5

        • Integrated Science Literacy -combining science literacy and inquiry-based science discovery

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