Grant Qualifications


Educational grants are the method SFES has chosen to fund the programs and opportunities for the benefit of Suffield students. Grant proposals are welcome from Suffield Public School personnel, including teachers, administrators, or other school staff members, as well as students, individual Suffield citizens, or other organizations. The SFES operates without discrimination as to age, race, religion, gender, or national origin in the consideration of grant requests.

Grants should have clearly defined and realistic goals, as well as a specific and detailed method of implementation. When evaluating a grant proposal, the Foundation will consider whether a project meets the following criteria:

  • Is It Innovative?
  • Is Its Value Significant?
  • Is Its Impact Broad?
  • Is It Sustainable?

SFES introduced Mini Grants to expand the reach of SFES grants while still aligning to SFES mission. Mini grants will be available to teachers, students or community members that are interested in taking advantage of a unique educational experience that falls outside of the SFES traditional grant process and/or criteria. The mini grant offers an abbreviated application process, less restrictive criteria and is available at more frequent cycles throughout the school year although at a lower dollar amount.

Listed below is an overview of both grants as well as downloads for the a more detailed Request For Proposal documents and applications.