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Honor Thy Educator – Donations

SFES Honor Thy Educator – Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

From the: Burke, Boone, Chicaiza, Cotrone,  Hamylak, Jeffrey, Johnson, Mandirola, McNerney, Pixton, Provera, Ransdell, Roger, Sheehan, Staunton, Walsh families

Donations have been made in honor of the following teachers

At Spaulding

Mrs. Bage, Mrs. Baltazar, Mr. Bourgoin, Mrs. Chandra, Miss Chickora, Mrs. Colangelo, Mrs. Elsner, Ms. Morrison, Mrs. Mule, Mrs. Simmons, Mrs. Underkoffler

At McAlister

Mrs. Cronin, Mrs. Harrington, Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Moriarty, Mrs. Motter, Mrs. Popeleski, Ms. Rinaldi, Ms. Wood

At Suffield High School

Mr. Beigel, Mr. Cashinghino, Mr. Huppe, Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Sweeney, Mr. Wheeler