Brian Claughsey

USAF Captain/Director of Operations 23rd Special Tactics Squadron
Class of 2002; Elected 2023

Brian graduated from WNEC in 2006 with a BS in Management and later a MA in International Relations from U of Oklahoma. His military career began in 2008 as a SERE Specialist where he taught Special Operators and aviators how to survive for weeks at a time. Retraining as a Combat Controller, he was responsible for the assessment and establishment of austere airfields as well as providing Joint Terminal Attack Control services to Army Special Forces. In 2015 his team was charged with retaking the fallen city of Kunduz, Afghanistan. They endured several near, complex ambushes before gaining a foothold in the city where they engaged in a 4 day firefight. Brian coordinated over 27 airstrikes which helped eventually liberate the city from Taliban control. He was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry. After Afghanistan, he was assigned to the 321st Special Tactics Squadron in England as a Special Tactics Officer where he led a program that established the NATO standard for Combat Control. He also served as a Flight Commander, leading a Special Ops team throughout Eastern Europe to build partnership capacity in readiness for our allies’ conflict with Russia. Brian currently serves as Director of Operations, 23rd Special Tactics Squadron in Florida where he leads and coordinates Special Ops activities across 5 continents. He has deployed several times to the Middle East and Eastern Europe to support NATO operations. In addition to the Silver Star, he has received the Bronze Star, the AF Commendation (4 Oak Leaf clusters) and the AF Combat Action Medal.

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