2014-2015: $29,832

Mini Grants

McAlisterDenise Raymond will rent around 20 bicycles from Bike/Walk CT and purchase 5 bikes so all students can participate in Bicycle Safety as part of the physical education class. $2,656
Middle SchoolPhyllis Hameroff will fund a pilot program for the 6th grade, called Home/School Classroom Library Connection, which will continue the work done district wide in K-5 to develop classroom libraries to provide students with appropriate independent reading material that can cross between home and school that will encourage students to read for pleasure. $2,000
Middle School and High SchoolRebecca Osleger is starting a group called Students Working to Advance Technology to promote student leadership, address technology competencies, provide outreach to the community through parent involvement, corporate support, and student community service. $2,035
High SchoolStephanie Holland will purchase new lavaliere wireless microphones for productions at the SHS including fall shows, Unified Theater, musicals, and other events held in auditorium that require microphones. $12,416

Brittany Whiteley will purchase new equipment to more effectively offer a new new course, Fit for Life, which is designed for students who are interested in a more individualized PE program with a focus on with training, cardio, geo-caching, walking, tennis, etc. $7,000

Michael Sanchez will purchase up-to-date, powerful design software that will allow a myriad of output possibilities, from full scale physical models made from printed plans to full 3D renderings of student interior and architectural designs. $3,725