2011-2012: $43,050

K-12The PTO Science Committee and a group of teachers throughout the district collaborated on a grant entitled “All Eyes on the Future”.  This $14,265 award resulted from the “raise the paddle” event at this year’s auction.  It includes the purchase of new integrated devices (microscopes and document cameras) that will be spread throughout the school system.  Their use enables the greatly enhanced display of objects and other materials for classroom and laboratory viewing.
SpauldingLaura Waddell will be receiving $4,500 for a project called “The Whole World in our Hands.” This effort will create a set of “globe bags” that will communicate past and present aspects of various international cultures. It is a great way for younger students to become immersed in the global community using hands-on and accessible means.

The K-8 science coordinator, Melissa Hickey, and others will receive $9,225 for educational enhancements to a nature trail that is being built by an Eagle Scout behind the School. The grant targets curriculum connections, educational materials, and educational signage. It will benefit both the students of Spaulding and the community at large.
McAlisterElaine Dolnack and Melissa Hickey were provided with $2,600 to educate students to be “Energy Efficiency Experts.” This project consists of various devices and curricula enhancements whose goal is to create young experts in energy conservation and efficiency.

Barbara Dowd and Patricia Thivierge (Grade 4, $3,815) and Kelly Meyer (Grade 5, $2,725) were awarded funding for document cameras. This technology is innovative (and accessible to non-technically sophisticated instructors) and allows for enhanced viewing of all types of presentation materials and enhances student participation.
High SchoolSteven Wheeler, James M. Noonan, Peter Black, and James Ostrout will receive $2,070 for a project entitled “Men in Life’s Discoveries”. This grant provides seed money for an after school program targeted to at-risk students. It is a collaborative effort between the High School and local agencies that includes enrichment, recreation, community service, and social support.

Joseph DiNatale will be awarded $1,350 for architecture-related software that will enhance the Suffield High School architecture curriculum by allowing students to work on real world projects.

$2,500 was awarded to the Rotary Club towards construction of the new sports pavilion. This award is intended to foster out of classroom learning opportunities for high school students to learn how to organize, lead, support, and be accountable for achieving team goals.